How to create a Magento Shopping Cart Rule

Learn how to add a shopping cart price rule in this blog post. Initially it might look like a big task, but in the end it turns out to be very straightforward once you get the hang of it.

Shopping cart price rules explained

When using shopping cart price rules, you can apply discounts in the cart step during the checkout process in Magento. These rules are great for promotion, or to make your customers happy with an extra discount.

Coupons FTW

You have three options regarding coupons when creating a Magento shopping cart price rule. You can either choose to make the rule coupon dependent, you can choose to make it dependent on a product or destination attribute combination, or on a combination of a coupon and and certain attributes like product quantity or cart total. Of course when using coupons, you can share them or let your customers share them for promotional purproses!

Creating your first shopping cart price rule

After logging in, you can find the shopping cart price rules section in the Magento admin panel, by navigating to Promotions > Shopping Cart Price Rules.

You can then click Add New Rule, in order to add a new rule. You also have the option to edit existing price rules on this screen. For now we’ll focus on creating a new rule. You have several tabs on the ‘add new rule’ screen.

In the ‘Rule Information’ screen, there are several fields you can fill in: the rule name, this will be your own personal identifier for your own reference. The rule description, also for personal reference. You can specify a coupon code, or use the built in auto generation functionality. To use the auto generation functionality, you will have to save the rule first for it to become available. You can also specify the from and to date, if these are left empty, or one of them is, only the other date will count. If both are empty, the rule will be always active.

The conditions screen consists of a flexible rule based system, which allows you to set up conditions for when the price rule should be executed. You can specify several requirements like cart total, certain product combinations, tax amount, product quantity and more.

The action screen is used to specify the requirements of the products the rule will be applied to. Also besides this, you can choose what the actions will be exactly. For example you can choose to give a hard discount or a discount percentage, give free shipping and more. I suggest you have a look for yourself, it’s pretty straightforward.

As you can see it’s not so difficult to create a new Magento shopping cart price rule. However, there is an extensive amount of options you can use, so it takes some tinkering to get it perfect. For this I would suggest a bit of testing, trial on error!

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