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If you are into any form of retail business and plan to sell your products on the global platform, then the e-commerce Magento platform for your business website is definitely great for you to begin with.

It comes with a line of features that not only are useful for your business website but also helps you to make it unique and creative.

1. This platform supports a large number of languages and can be used in different countries without much problem. It supports nearly 60 languages which makes it user friendly. This makes Magento e-commerce more popular and hence it is very popular. No need of translation required. The software itself supports so many languages. If a specific language is not installed by default, you can easily install a new language pack using Magento Connect.

2. For online shopping, product management is a very important part. You have to be sure that your product catalog is seen well by your customers. This way they can have better glance at your e-store and can decide for themselves easily what to buy. This is very well managed by Magento, because with the layered navigation functionality, it’s really easy to filter or find products. If the layered navigation doesn’t suffice, customers can use the excellent advanced search functionality to find the products they are looking for.

The features as mentioned above are very important for any e-commerce site to sell their products in an appropriate manner.


Magento Go

Now we all know that online shopping is growing tremendously. The only downside is that installing Magento on your own server, and managing your own dedicated hosting environment can be costly and time consuming. For this exact reason Magento has introduced Magento GO, a cloud hosted web shop solution. It is very easy to use. It is extremely useful for new e-commerce websites and also for sites having a large number of products. It is much faster to install and provides similar usage. It has all the features of Magento and also has the required flexibility. Its product management is very robust too.

Overall Magento GO is an interesting newly launched service. In my opinion Magento GO can be suitable for a number of reasons. However if you prefer customize ability over ease of maintenance, go for the community edition.

Any questions regarding Magento, and how it can be interesting for your business? Contact us or leave a comment below!

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